Dr MaloufDr G. Mark Malouf was born in Sydney, Australia where he went to medical school at Sydney University, graduating in 1976 with his medical degree.
He spent 7 years at Royal Prince Alfred hospital in Sydney undergoing training to become a specialist surgeon. Qualifying as a specialist surgeon in 1983 Dr Malouf then went to England where he stayed for three years doing research, studying, and practising varicose veins treatmeTheatrents at St Mary's hospital, London. During this time he delivered several papers on the subject of varicose vein problems.
He returned to Sydney in 1986 when he commenced in private practice as a specialist surgeon but specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins.

Dr Malouf firmly believes that all forms of treatment should be considered for each individual patient. Because he is a specialist varicose veins doctor, he sees patients everyday with varicose veins related problems. He assesses the condition taking all factors into account in order to reach a proper diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate form of treatment for the condition. This may be surgery, injections, or just support stockings, depending on the individual patient. It will however be the correct treatment based on the sound medical knowledge of an expert and specialist in this field.

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